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All weekend, there are events and activities at The Red Lion in Overton to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.

See below for a list of events. 


And please follow us on Facebook here for real-time updates on all events.


All over the Coronation Weekend here at The Red Lion in Overton, we have a full agenda of entertainment, food and fun activities.  

To join with our popular 'Meats & Beats' on Sundays, we are planning a full weekend of 'Ears & Beers' which includes:

- Live music

- A special menu

- King Bingo

- Kids' activities

- British Ales

- A 'Chase the King' cash prize competition

- Charlie-oke (Karaoke) on Sunday 7th May

- His Majesty's coronation which will be shown on both our Big Screens.

- Ears and Beers rewards 

It's a long weekend of celebrations.  


Prizes can be won by those who attend over the weekend wearing a huge pair of comedy ears.

God Save The King!

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