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Victoria and David Beckham have never run a pub before.  But the guys below have (well, all except the cat).

We welcome you...

The Red Lion is an 18th traditional English pub, with car park, garden, a resident hedgehog and pair of ducks.

Victoria and David moved to Overton in February 2022 and are delighted to offer a pub atmosphere that works with its customers.  

Wednesdays and Thursdays are our evenings for offers on Prosecco or our potentially world famous Red Lion Burgers.

Friday evenings are entertainment nights with a variety of live music acts and a chance to win cash with 'Chase The Ace'. 


Saturdays may be sports (if England Rugby or Chelsea are playing) or maybe just relaxed dining at our special Tolkien Table, while kids can play outside in our special, colourful little peoples garden area.

Sundays are definitely roast dinner days.  Booking is highly advised (Call 01256 212053).

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