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Red Carpet Event


Each year, we will be giving special thanks to OUR LOVELY, LOVELY customers (and Paul Carter) for supporting OUR LOCAL pub.

On Saturday 17th December, we will host our first ever 'Regulars Awards Night'

Hosted by Victoria and David, the evening will also feature the Red Lion Christmas Prize Draw.

For our regulars (and a nominal fee), we will be proving drink(s), some festive food fayre and a handful of fun activities all leading up to the main event of the evening which includes our inaugural awards ceremony. 

If you drink at The Red Lion - and we know your name – you will receive a special invite to join us on the evening, where you could well be a recipient of one of the much-coveted awards we will be dishing out on the evening.  All part of the red-carpet, showbiz glitz and glamour for which we are yet to be internationally renowned.


The Christmas Draw will also take place on the same evening, where a fortnight’s all-expenses-paid holiday to the Bahamas could be won (but, unlikely).


Throughout October, November and December we are asking customers to buy a box for £1 each.  The quantity and quality of prizes depends on the number of boxes sold. 

This is a festive, fun and tongue-in-cheek evening where we can all get together just ahead of ‘The Big Day’, have a few laughs, sing a few songs and maybe win either a prize or an special award. 


Saturday 17th December, 2022

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